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Tour Guided by Senior Guides and Leaders


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How to Give Proper Tips in Vietnam

Have a great trip! Want to learn more about how to properly tip? Need some expert advice on how to properly tip? Do you have any suggestions for gratuities? (I’ll shut down now) Stay with me; I’ve got the goods on everything important.

I am a former Vietnamese tour guide, tour leader, and travel firm CEO. I will gladly explain the basic tipping protocol in Vietnam, as I reside in Ho Chi Minh City. If you enjoyed this article and want to show your appreciation, please feel free to share it and that you give me a tip.

Money Tips in Vietnam
Vietnam’s currency, the dong (or VND for short), is notoriously difficult to navigate due to an excess of zeros.

As of the time of this writing, one dollar can be exchanged for about 23,558.00 Vietnamese Dong (or Viet Nam Dong). Every one of your purchases is denominated in the thousands. In thousands, you can buy a cup of coffee. Feeding yourself costs tens of thousands of dollars. For the multimillion-dollar hotel. A hundred dollars will set you back more than two million Dong.

Learn the denominations, names, and values of the local currency and the bank notes before you go out and use them. If you aren’t careful, your tip could be excessive or inadequate.

There is currently no coin circulation in Vietnam, therefore all monetary transactions must be made with VND banknotes.
1,000 Dong
2,000 Dong
5,000 Dong
10,000 Dong
20,000 Dong
50,000 Dong
100,000 Dong
200,000 Dong
500,000 Dong

Do People Typically Tip in Vietnam?
No. Tipping is not standard practice in Vietnam; in fact, it is a relatively recent import. However, despite not being anticipated, it is typically appreciated. In addition, tipping is appreciated because of how inexpensive most services are in Vietnam.

Incomes in Vietnam are notoriously low, especially when adjusted for the high cost of living there. So, if you want to help the locals out, even a tiny tip would be greatly welcomed.
Although tipping is a relatively recent yet appreciated practice in Vietnam, you should increase your generosity wherever possible.
How much, where, and when to tip depends heavily on the circumstances.
From my own experience, I can say that tipping is generally appreciated and can help expedite service.

Should I Leave a Large or Small Tip in Vietnam?
Tipping in Vietnam is not standardized, and the amount you should give depends on the recipient, the occasion, and the service provided.
Let’s examine the many persons you could wish to tip and how much you should give them:


It’s customary to tip tour guides.
In Vietnam, should you tip your tour guide?
To that, I say, yes, without hesitation. It’s hard to overstate how amazing Vietnamese tour guides are. They provide superb, comprehensive excursions that introduce you to the culture and people of the area. And the vast majority of tours are inexpensive. Don’t forget to tip well on your next guided tour, whether it’s a bike ride, a walk, a meal, or a hike.


Do You Need to Tip Your Vietnam Tour Guide?
The standard tip is between US$5 and US$10 per person, per day, or between 10 and 15 percent of the total tour price, but more is appreciated if you had a great experience. It is recommended to tip the same amount, or somewhat less, to any additional drivers who assisted with the tour.

For those who have participated in a free walking tour, a donation of $10 is reasonable.
As someone who has worked as a tour guide, I can say that tips ranged from a few hundred dollars to a thousand, so the amount you end up giving is very variable depending on your financial situation and the kind of service you receive.

In Vietnam, how do I properly tip my tour guide?
Upon completion of your trip, simply pass over your gratuity. Easy!

The quality of your tour experience will be greatly enhanced if, in my opinion, you tip your guide on the first day after any meeting.

Dining Out
Tip Expectations in Vietnam’s Restaurants, Tipping is expected at Vietnam’s dining establishments.

When Dining Out in Vietnam, What Is the Customary Gratuity?
The appropriate tip size is 5 percent. There may be a hidden fee on your bill at some of the more expensive eateries. Don’t worry, none of this will go to the individuals who served you. So, even though it’s bothersome, that fee doesn’t qualify as a tip, and you should still leave an extra one if you can.

As well as: elsewhere Even in nice restaurants, you only need to bring $1 to $5 unless you’re hosting a group.

When dining out in Vietnam, how should I customarily leave gratuities?
Please give this to your waiter or waitress. If you want your server to see it, you should not just leave it on the table.

Tips for Street Vendors
Can I expect a Tip when I eat from a Vietnamese street vendor?
Although uncommon, such gestures are often welcomed.
From my observation, most Vietnamese people will not bring back loose change as they perceive it to be a gratuity. Approximately 5-10% of the entire cost.

When eating street food in Vietnam, how much should you tip?
You shouldn’t feel obligated to leave a tip, and in fact, street food vendors aren’t used to getting tips, so they may return any extra money you give them if you accidentally hand over too much.
It would be appropriate for you to accept the money and then give it back to them with a smile and a compliment because you truly are an angel.
Every street vendor in Vietnam is overjoyed by your support and is treating you with the utmost reverence. So make it a goal to do it repeatedly day!

How should I tip for Vietnamese street food?
Simply return it to the merchant who provided the food.

Tipping Practices at Public Establishments
Should You Leave a Tip at Vietnam’s Coffee Shops and Bars?
You’re free to do that if you want, but it’s not the standard.

How Much Is Appropriate to Tip at Vietnam’s Coffee Shops and Bars?

Since this is not the usual, even a little sum would be very appreciated. there is a tip box at these coffee shops and bars, you can use it.

In Vietnam, how should I tip in bars and cafes?
The standard practice in most cafes and pubs is to have a tiny tip jar on the counter, into which your gratuity should go. If a waiter/waitress has been really helpful to you, they can be paid off personally.


Hotels Expect It
The rule of thumb is that the more lavish the hotel, the more generous the tip should be.

Do You Need to Leave a Tippe at Vietnam Hotels?
Travelers who have been in luxury hotels before know this is standard practice, but it is ultimately up to the guest. You should always tip personnel individually and in person, if you want to ensure that your gratuity benefits the local community rather than the hotel’s parent company.

What Is the Suggested Gratuity for Hotel Workers in Vietnam?

Typically, a dollar or two is sufficient for tipping a bellhop or porter. In general, a room cleaning should be tipped for roughly $1 every night. When tipping the front desk, feel free to use your best judgment.

The hotel staff in Vietnam deserves a tip, but how should I provide it?

If you want to ensure that your trip goes to the right person, you should always hand it to them personally. The person you intend to tip may not get your gratuity if you add it to your bill or give it to someone else to handle.


Hairdresser Tips
Can You Trust Your Hairstylist in Vietnam Without a Tip?
Although it is not customary, tipping is appreciated if you feel you have received excellent service.

In Vietnam, what Is an Appropriate Amount to Tip a Hairstylist?
Hairstylists should be tipped between 10 and 15 percent.

What Is the Appropriate Tipping Practice for Vietnamese Hairstylists?
Don’t hide your tip at the salon; give it to the stylist right away!
Don’t hide your tip in the salon; give it to the stylist right away!

Massage Tips
Should You Tip Your Vietnamese Spa Therapist?
In all seriousness, you should do it. Vietnam has a large number of facilities where you can get a massage or visit a spa. However, even in the most upscale establishments, employees are not compensated fairly for the specialized (and superb) service they provide.
When visiting a spa or massage parlor in Vietnam, how much should you tip?

Tips range from about 10% of the whole price up to 20% if you really loved the service.
It’s important to keep in mind that certain upscale massage and spa establishments may tack on a service charge to your final price. No, this is not a tip, and the service provider will not get this money; if you wish to leave a tip, you should do so in addition to the service charge.

What is the Customary Tipping Practice for Vietnamese Masseuses and Spa Employees?
Hand the desired gratuity directly to the person you wish to reward.

Guidelines for Additional Gratuities
It’s important to be conversant with Vietnam Dong ( VND). It should be noted that there are no coins in circulation in Vietnam, which adds to the confusion caused by the similar appearance of many Vietnamese banknotes. So, before you go, study up on the local currency to make sure you tip appropriately (and pay what you want to pay).

For transactions, cash is the only acceptable form of payment in Vietnam. There are certain establishments that accept credit cards, such as hotels and hostels as well as some grocery stores and upscale restaurants, but cash is still the preferred method of payment. Never leave home without a wad of cash. All of your gratuities will be given to you in cash.


If money is limited, don’t feel bad about skipping the tip. Of course, it’s wonderful to show your appreciation, but unlike in many other countries, tipping isn’t expected in Vietnam.

However, US dollars are accepted by a select few high-end restaurants and hotels in Vietnam. Tip only in the local currency if you want to show appreciation for a specific employee or service. The recipient of your tip will find little use for them.

Don’t be surprised if the offer of a tip makes folks blush in rural places. Don’t feel bad about retracting your gratuity if you find that folks in these places are hesitant to accept it. In certain situations, a heartfelt “thank you” may be more acceptable.

To a large extent, tipping should be left up to personal preference. Just tip it if you wish to help out! When you consider that most Vietnamese people don’t make very much money, you can see how important it is to be charitable. Moreover, tipping the Vietnamese is a great way to show your appreciation for their hospitality and acknowledge their intelligence.













#5: Tipping Taxi Drivers




Taxi Drivers in Vietnam: Should You Tip Them?




Again, there is zero pressure to do so, but any gesture is greatly appreciated.








When traveling in Vietnam, how much should you tip your taxi driver?




Depending on how far you went, a gratuity of 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND is appropriate.








Tipping Taxi Drivers in Vietnam: What’s the Custom?




There are several ways to get around this, but I recommend using Grab, which is like Uber but in Southeast Asia. Then, as you get out of the cab, simply hand over some cash as a tip.








Grab is a taxi service similar to Uber in that it is booked via smartphone app and the fare is established in advance. It’s risky to take a cab from the street. However, with Grab, you will never have to worry about being taken advantage of. Because you’ll already be familiar with the total cost of your ride, you can confidently estimate the amount you should leave as a tip.

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